Video - Meeting the rising expectations of the home care customer and the Royal Commission requirements.

Over a hundred home care providers joined The Lookout Way CEO and Co-founder Simon Lockyer for this webinar to get a better understanding of how Lookout can help them navigate the Royal Commission recommendations and changing customer requirements.

Simon explained that Lookout is being launched at a time when technology and data driven care needed to be at the heart of every home care provider.

“This year the Royal Commission into Aged Care called for urgent and transformative change, with many recommendations only achievable through the adoption of technology and digital care management systems.”

In addition to changes recommended by the Royal Commission, Simon outlined how today’s home care client is pushing for change and improvement.

“Home care clients want more information and transparency. Families want to know more about their provider and what’s happening in the home."

“There is an increasing desire to age in place and expectation that technology is part of the experience and solution.”

Watch the full video here.