Take your care management to the next level with Focal Assessments.

Assess risk. Track risk. Determine the best outcome.

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Easily and quickly, all within Lookout.

Digitally complete focal assessments inspired-by industry-recognised assessments.

Falls Risk Assessment Tool (FRAT)

Abbey Pain Scale

Norton Risk Assessment

Falls Risk for Older People - Community setting (FROP-Com)

Caregiver Strain Index

Or add your own custom assessments!

Assessment results sit directly on a member's record to be tracked, observed and attentioned… helping provide the information you need to deliver better care! 

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Advanced care management made easy.

Empower your care team to access easy-to-complete digital assessments that meet industry standards.

See real-time risk results and feedback mid-assessment.

Results are automatically logged and tracked on a member's record.

Tickets are automatically generated to prompt corrective action.

See the full picture to determine the likelihood of a future health event.

Assessed risk outcomes are graphed over time to see clear trends.

Past result logs and related observations are shown upon assessment completion or with the click of a button.

Easily print or export a full timeline of assessment results.

Risks are also tracked visually on observation timelines to tell a full story alongside other observation categories.

Empower corrective action, end-to-end.

Use assessments within Tickets to provide better care management.

Results trigger tickets automatically to prompt corrective action.

Use the assessment add-on to complement the Incident Management add-on, as a corrective action step.

Lookout for your clients even more with the Focal Assessment add-on today!