First class rostering.

Full-time, part-time, casual or contractor - Lookout has a rostering solution that makes it simple to be compliant, profitable and efficient for all employment models.

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All the information you need - without the clutter!

One simple view for all your scheduling.

Plan ahead.

Birds-eye-view of all your support worker schedules.

Optimise your worker schedule to meet awards and profitability.

Focus on the worker you want and save them for later.

Filter and save your views so you never lose your place.

Solve for today, fast.

Quickly fill vacant visits with our quick-fill functionality.

View comprehensive details with a simple click.

Single clear aggregated panning schedule.

Recommended rates reduce errors and improve speed.

No matter your workforce mix,
Lookout has a solution for you.

No matter your workforce mix, Lookout has a solution for you.





Bring calm to the chaos.

Effortlessly build the ideal roster.

Schedule the best worker for your client and your business.

With a single, clear, and aggregated planning schedule, you can quickly and easily match the best worker for every visit.

Pin workers to the top of the list, so you can focus on the workers you want.

Receive a warning when new visits clash with existing visits on a worker's schedule.

Quickly and easily focus on the visits you're responsible for filling.

Reduce errors, optimise schedules and speed up teams.

Compliance and workforce utilisation made easy!

Configure rules to create automated award-compliant shifts with calculated breaks as you fill visits.

Best fit rates are recommended based on the services being delivered and the days, times and duration of the visit.

See travel time and route visualisations with a simple hover.

Input visits, breaks and travel time with optimisation guidance.

Best in class scheduling.

Utilise and retain the workers you need!

Easily schedule workers regardless of employment type - full-time, part-time, casual or contractor.

Lookout's award interpreter solution provides everything you need to pay your staff with confidence.

Filter and prioritise workers that have additional availability.

Schedule recurring visits with ease.

Worker schedule easily visible via the Lookout app.

Every rostering need, covered.






SCHADS awards

Smart rates




Fast fill


Frequently asked questions.



How would I build out the perfect schedule quickly?

Lookout provides automated award-compliant shifts with calculated breaks, combined with defined availability, ensures optimized compliant worker schedules. This feature guarantees that your worker schedule is optimised to meet awards and profitability.

How would I create a 'domestic assistance run' of visits for a worker by bringing together the closest clients to one another on a set day?

You can view a support workers full route maps to ensure you are scheduling smartly and efficiently. Also, you can view clients per community to ensure all visits are coordinated within that one area.

How would I find the most suitable (closest from last visit, ability to do services and has availability) worker for a last-minute domestic assistance (or any specified service) visit?

With our rostering tools, you can find the right worker faster and make informed decisions thanks to our matching & preference data. Our verifications & requisites features ensure that you are not matching the wrong person to the wrong client. Availability, insterest, credentials, and location - these are all available for matching in Lookout.

How would I transfer visits that are scheduled with one worker but they call in sick?

Visits can be made available again for matching and assigning to another support worker.

How would I verify with minimal clicks that a support worker completed a visit in the right location?

Geotagging functionality tags visit locations and times upon check-in and check-out. Our reporting and insights tab provides full variance reports that compare scheduled visit times and locations against actual.

How would I gain confidence that employee-based workers are charging visits at the correct rate as set by the rostering staffer?

Lookout handles all charges automatically as per agreed-upon pricing, not the worker. Award interpreter integrations ensure compliance with award rates.

If actual travel time is different to that calculated or scheduled, how can I ensure that workers get paid for their actual travel?

Upon visit check-out, workers can input actual travel times and distances. Once submitted this information is applied for correct payment. Variance reports highlight any significant variances to finance, the management or the rostering team.

Discover how Lookout can
transform your care business.

Discover how Lookout can transform your care business.

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Learn how Lookout's scheduling
tools make rostering simple.

Learn how Lookout's scheduling tools make rostering simple.