Lookout helps track, report and encourage Covid-19 vaccinations.

Covid-19 variants, vaccinations and boosters look to be part of life for the foreseeable future. It is clear that vaccinating our community is critically important. Tracking vaccination status is going to be the key to efficient and safe delivery of home support services.

The vaccine rollout continues to gather pace with more and more Australians being vaccinated. This is a positive sign and fantastic progress – but no reason to take our foot off the pedal.

The Lookout Way Team understands that as home service providers, Lookout operators want to ensure that their clients have transparency and reassurance about the vaccination status of support workers entering their homes.

Clients and families want to know that the people entering this homes have been vaccinated and the Immunisation History Statement has been verified.

Lookout tackles this need through two key features:

  • Verifications Management:allows Lookout customers and their clients to identify what checks, vaccines and training each support worker has undertaken in one central location. A support workers vaccination status including Covid -19 and flu vaccinations, professional training undertaken and other checks such as National Police Checks and Bluecards are clearly displayed via their profile.
  • Recommendations: augments this by allowing peer review across the network. Recommendations allow your clients, their family and your care community to recommend care workers they trust and endorse. The recommendations feature has been designed to allow care workers to be recommended for the services they provide or for the qualities or skills they demonstrate. Recommendations can be for companionship, community access, domestic assistance, home administration, medication support.

At The Lookout Way, our mission is to develop technology that connects the talent, empathy and enthusiasm of support workers and organisations with the needs of clients, families and communities to ensure fantastic results.

Lookout provides a way for Home service providers to diligently monitor the COVID-19 vaccination status of their community clearly – so they can focus on doing their best to provide safe, flexible, kind and consistent support.